guido maus

guilty of abstraction
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guilty of abstraction

guilty of abstraction was comprised a body of 19 works, painting, sculpture as well as installation, of which 16 were site-specific creations together with poetry and informative text, in form of a small booklet, as well as audio guides with music - each song in direct relation to each individual artwork.

You can access each individual work through the numbers in the menu on the left side of this screen and can read the poem or text, and will be able to hear the song relating to each work (allow audio a few seconds to load / start automatically - ensure your device's volume is on).
The entire Show was conceived as one large installation and is presented on this website in the exact same order as it was shown in the exhibition.

Space One Eleven is a non-profit gallery and a member of the Andy Warhol Initiative for the Visual Arts. SOE is located in downtown Birmingham, Alabama and is one of the very few galleries in the South having constant support as well as regular event-specific funding (grants) from the New York-based Andy Warhol Foundation.

list of works

number   1   drink life

number   2   of dreams walking among giants

number   3   the cynical magician II

number   4   The Genius of the Crowd

number   5   The Sixth Commandment (and Harvey's closet door)

number   6   of love and candy

number   7   eternal change and fear (the island of the day before)

number   8   of dust and ashes

number   9   DNA (Anatomy of the South)

number 10   The Empty Mirror

number 11   Naissance (Birth)

number 12   DNA (Ron's Alabama)

number 13   The Debutante (political death over a debutante's wedding cake)

number 14   Never such innocence again
                   (four brothers, equal surface - equal weight - equal volume)

number 15   when I was a child I dreamed America

number 16   fast judge - judge fast (ode to the preamptive strike)

number 17   The Veteran

number 18   the big lie

number 19   Kampf-Geist (Poem for the struggling)


hereunder are a couple of pics of the opening reception